On Call

Success comes from ideas.  You may have ideas that can change your business.  We make those ideas into a reality.

With all of the experience of our analysts, we are able to complete any task that comes up.  We stay ahead of the game.  As technology is constantly changing, so are we, to be able to provide exceptional service to our clients.  We understand the criticality of up-time.  That’s why we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With over 2000 clients, we have been the primary support for businesses for over 30 years.  Located in Orange County, California, we have been in the midst of the small business evolution.  Surviving the most difficult economic times, we have proven that we are resolute, and will certainly be around for the next 30 years as well.

For small businesses, it doesn’t often make sense to have a full-time IT manager.  In fact, even with larger company’s IT staffs, because their focuses are so narrow, they often aren’t aware of new technologies that may improve your business.  Having PROCOMP Services as your IT staff you can be assured that the appropriate solutions are recommended to you, always.

Contracts are NOT necessary.  We DO NOT bill at a 2 hour minimum.  We DO NOT charge for gas.  We bill in quarter-hour increments.  We don’t want you to hesitate in calling us.  We can usually fix most problems very quickly.

From printing problems to complete downtime, PROCOMP Services is ready to respond.  We are available to our clients 24×7 to ensure that they can perform.  While most of our clients like us to come in regularly to ensure proper upkeep of their systems, many times problems arise unexpectedly.  We are ready to react.  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, PROCOMP Services engineers are prepared to assist.

Give us a try for yourselves.  You will undoubtedly be impressed with our response.  We treat all of our clients with the highest priority, and you will be no different.  Add PROCOMP Services to your team.